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After viewing product I left website, and they called me several days later to ask me to participate in a study of weight loss in which they would pay me $7.00 per pound after 3 months of use.I agreed, and 10 days later they sent out the product. according to the rules for the study along with 6 pictures, with negatives, an affidavit which has to be noterized and the packaging slip.

Which did not arrive with the package. When I called about this the man said "they always pack it" so realizing I was already disqualified, told him I will be returning these as I cannot afford them. He said bluntly, "They are not returnable" But they are unopened. Again he said "They are NOT returnable".

But I cannot afford them, "well you paid for them, just take it and you won"t be charged any more", wait a minute, I did not pay for them,he looked and said YES, I did on the date they called me! Now, this is a whole other issue. this is FRAUD. Plain and simple.

I contacted my bank, filed a dispute, and contacted BBB as this is a total scam. Beware...I contacted the number on the bottle, and they are an answering service for several companies.

They are just scammers...The product was billed as LMAGE SKIN CARE. On the email copy I have it says 0 balance for this product, and yet they charged me 109.95!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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