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First off, I called in because I placed the order for rush shipping, which was not so rushed! The girl that answers the phone already had an attitude..

a loud sigh as she answered. I asked if she had my account pulled up or needed the order number before I told her what was wrong.. she says okay sure. It takes a moment, which you could hear conversations in the background, not them on the phone..

Im guessing I may have interfered with her conversation, since she didnt seem very happy. I tell her, I was told I could return the bottles before my 10 day trial.. she states, this is not a trial! I tell her that is not what I was told..

is there another number I need to call or someone else I should speak with. The lady was loud with me first, so I go loud and told her Im getting different information as im getting extremely upset knowing that she is not helping me with anything.. She gets loud, so I get loud, then she says dont raise your voice to me and have a good day.. then hangs up.

I call back, hoping to get someone else, but instead the phone rings, I can hear the lady talking, then Im transferred somewhere, then silence, then the phone disconnected on me..

I can only guess it must have been that same rude girl that could not help one bit!! I will be calling back to report her and I hope they record calls!!

Reason of review: Multiple issues!! Customer Service, lied to about the return process, .

Monetary Loss: $110.

Preferred solution: If I want to return the item, let me return without making me buy 5 bottles!!.

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Major ripoff

Houston, Texas, United States #1060895

You wrote; "I will be calling back to report her and I hope they record calls!!" Close quote.

This criminal enterprise won't be going to the expense of recording calls because that recording would include their LIES! It would sink them in a Court of Law.

I called back today 11/09/15 and I do believe that 'sweet' Laurel was on the other end, I said, "You're boring - Yall are goin' DOWN!" Hubbs heard me and said I hope you weren't recorded, I said, I HOPE I WAS!

They are not going to spend the money on call recording because it would implicate them beyond any reasonable doubt!!!

Wyoming's Attorney General's Office is 307-777-7841, call and make your complaint part of the record against them.

File a complaint form, call BBB and file a complaint there, call your cc bank and have them open an investigation on their scamming the public!

Don't give up, don't quit - Btw - the entity's name that stole your hard-earned $ is 'Desert Botanicals'! At least that's the scammer's name that robs Texans!


I as well got ripped off. a charge was put on my account with out my consent. I was charged 9.95 then 5 days later 109.95 was put on my account an I have only been using this product for 4 days.

Roswell, Georgia, United States #1044475

I had the same rude encounter with a customer service representative, a guy named Joel, who hung up on me as well. I was told that I had a 30 day money back guarantee when I purchased the product and then told that I could not return my order once I had received the product and didn't like the results.

Did you ever get any feedback from the owners of this company? Because I would also like to speak with someone in charge, because this kind of fraud is against the law and I would hate to have to take legal action but am not against it.

to Courtney Houston, Texas, United States #1060900

See my comments above. They are ALL in this criminal enterprise together, there will be NO RESOLUTION!

So, when you can get past that hard truth, call the Wyoming Atty General's Ofc @ 307-

777-7841, get on record, file a written complaint, (get complaint form from your printer), start your cc bank on an investigation, call the BBB and file that form.

Don't stop, don't give up and if you Tweet, blast them! I am!


I absolutely love 5xTrim6000. I lost 47 lbs and revived $329 after my 90 weight loss challenge!!!

At first I was apprehensive do to comments but am so happy I trusted my instinct. The last company who sold me Garcinia Cambogia and made me take a pic daily with the news paper. NSL= Nutrition Science Labs informed me that you want to take Garcinia in conjunction with a fat burner or blocker. 5x contains both.

The challenge was super easy!!! On the first day (Day 1 of challenge) I took a front view of my body, side view, and a pic of the number on my scale. Then the same on the last (90th day of challenge). I sent my results and NO JOKE received my Wells Fargo check 8 days later.

I have recommend this product to my sister, best friend, and Aunt as well. All have had amazing results. I DO NOT diet but do walk 2-3 times a week. They explained you don't have to diet with this product and she was right.

I hope if you are overweight or want to quickly loose lbs you try 5x Trim.

I honestly never think to write a good reviews but I know how my weight was effecting my health and how uncomfortable I felt. This product has literally helped change my life and I hope others can benefit from my review.

to Anonymous #1049582

I got the phone call today and I'm eager to start taking this, but I am not liking some of these comments..... They have me second guessing this company....

to Anonymous #1054166

This is such a rip off. I asked for rush delivery and it took a week to get to me but I was reimbursed the rush delivery cost. I called because I wasn't losing any weight and I was told that you have to be on it for 30 days however they only give you 30 days from the date of purchase to get a refund which does not make Because in reality you don't have 30 days to give it a try to see if it actually works since by the time your order gets to you seven days have already passed so you only have 23 days left to see if it actually works and be able to get a refund.

to Anonymous #1075269

Total RIP OFF don't do it!!! This is fraud, its more than what they tell you.

also there is no money back guarantee! I have contacted the Wyoming Attorney general as well as the fraud department to my Credit card.

I will agree with all these other folks if you haven't ordered don't!! if you did don't stop till you get your money back!!!

Hamilton, Hamilton, Bermuda #1040779

I am going through the same thing, they sent me 2 package I ordered one , but they can't give me a return address so I up against a wall but no one can help me Laurel is very rude in customers service Brittany was nice an long with a few more. I do wish it is something we can do to this company they are ripping us off on a product that doesn't work...

I only would like a return address which no one can give me , a trail is a trail return if you do not want a lie they tell... rip off I am so so disappointed I will never , never let any one I know get suck in....

to fab up #1060907

On my packing slip a return address is listed as


(877) 780-2689 (calls are dropped deliberately)

109 E 17TH ST


CHEYENNE, WY 82001 UNITED STATES Then call the Wyoming Attorney General's Office 307-777-7841, get that complaint form, call the BBB, file a complaint form with them. Hopefully you have already called your cc bank and opened an investigation into this criminal enterprise! Don't give up, don't let them keep YOUR $$$!


It's a rip off and I fell for it too! But I'm going to block the charges!

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